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Smart dancers prefer to shop at their local dance store because of the advantages. You can see and try on what you are buying and take the products home immediately. There is an expert, trained specifically for dancewear and dance shoes, in the store to properly fit you and answer your questions. There are no shipping charges. You are contributing to your local community. Beware of studios that offer to measure and outfit your child for her dancewear – the proper fit is not their priority!


Make sure you have your Pointe shoes fit by an expert, your feet are too important to have improper fitting Pointe Shoes!
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Ballet Slippers

  Capezio Ballet Slipper 205
Our Most Popular Ballet Slipper
Capezio Ballet Slipper(205)This ideal beginner ballet shoe is made of premium leather. It features a full sole, custom daisy print lining and a personal ID tag sewn in.
  Capezio Soft Ballet Slippers - 2027 Capezio Sculpture II  Ballet Slippers Capezio Dance Slippers - 2039  
  Capezio Juliet Soft Ballet Slippers
Capezio 2027
Capezio Sculpture II
Ballet Slippers
Capezio 20321
Capezio Pro Canvas
Ballet Slippers
Capezio 2039
  Dance Shoe - So Danca canvas ballet shoe - sd-16 Dance Shoes - So Danca Split Sole Leather Shoe - sd-10 Dance Shoe - So Danca canvas split sole ballet shoe - sd11  
  Fully elasticized canvas
Ballet Shoe
So Danca SD-16
Split-Sole leather ballet shoe for men or women
So Danca SD-10
Canvas Split-Sole Ballet Shoe for men or women
So Danca SD-11
  So Danca SD-60 Bloch Dansoft - s0205 Bloch Dansoft Split Sole - s0258  
  So Danca
Bloch Dansoft
Bloch S205
Bloch Dansoft Split Sole
Bloch S0258

Modern Dance

  Jelz Footundeez w/built in Bunheads - h07g Full Body Footundeez - h07fb Footundeez - h07tr  
  Jelz Footundeez
Capezio H07G
Full Body Footundeez
Capezio H07FB
Capezio H07TR
  Bloch Foot Thong II - s0602 So Danca Foot Thong - md01 So Danca Cats Paw - md15-md16  
  Bloch Foot Thong II
Bloch S0602
So Danca Foot Thong
So Danca MD-01
So Danca Cats Paw
So Danca MD-15/MD-16
  Capezio Turning Pointe 55      
  Capezio Turning Pointe


  Capezio Agility Gym Shoe - em1      
  Capezio Agility Gym Shoe available in white and black (EM1)      


  Capezio E-Series Jazz Slip On - EJ2 Bloch Neo-Flex Slip-On - 0499 Capezio Pedini Femme - pp323  
  Capezio E-Series Jazz
Slip On Capezio EJ2
Bloch elasta bootie Slip-On
Bloch S0499
Capezio Pedini Femme
Capezio PP323
  Bloch Enduro-Tech Bootie - s0481 Bloch Neo-Flex Slip-On - s0495 So Danca Jazz Dance Shoe - jz95  
  Bloch Enduro-Tech Bootie
Bloch S0481
Bloch Neo-Flex Slip-On
Bloch S0495
So Danca Oxford Lace-up Shoe W/Suede Sole Rubber Heel
So Danca JZ-95

Character & Tap

  Capezio Character/Tap Oxford - k360 Capezio Jr. Footlight - 550 Capezio Student Footlight - 650  
  Capezio Character/Tap Oxford Capezio K360 Capezio Jr. Footlight
Capezio 550
Capezio Student Footlight
Capezio 650
  Bloch Splitflex - s0390 So Danca Character Shoe - ch02 Dance Shoe - So Danca Character Shoe - ch57  
  Bloch Splitflex
Bloch S0390
So Danca 1 1/4" Flexible Suede Shoe
So Danca CH-02
So Danca 2 1/2" T-Strap Shoe w/Suede Heel
So Danca CH-57
  So Danca Character Dance Shoe - ch52 So Danca Character Dance Shoe - ch53 So Danca Character Dance Shoe - ch95  
  So Danca 2" Buckle-Strap Shoe w/Leather Sole
So Danca CH-52
So Danca 3" Buckle Strap Shoe w/Leather Sole
So Danca CH-53
So Danca Swing Shoe w/Leather Sole Rubber Heel
So Danca CH-53


  Capezio Premiere Tap - CG09 Capezio Fluid Tap - CG17 Capezio Tapster - 442  
  Capezio Premiere Tap
Capezio CG09
Capezio Fluid Tap
Capezio CG17
Capezio Tapster
Capezio 442
  Capezio Jr. Tyette - n625 Capezio Mary Jane - 3800 Bloch Jazz Tap - s0301  
  Capezio Jr. Tyette
Capezio N625
Capezio Mary Jane
Capezio 3800
Bloch Jazz Tap
Bloch S0301
  Bloch Charleston - s0341 Bloch Tap-Flex Slip-On - s0389 So Danca Womens Professional Dance Shoe - ta800  
  Bloch Charleston
Bloch S0341
Bloch Tap-Flex Slip-On
Bloch S0389
So Danca Womens Professional Tap Shoe
So Danca TA-800
  So Danca Tap Shoe - ta800 Bloch Tap On SO302 Bloch Show Tapper SO 323  
  So Danca Top Quality all leather Tap Shoe
So Danca TA-48
Bloch Tap On
Bloch Show Tapper
SO 323
  Latin Open Toe Dance Shoes  
    Stella - br1921    
Capezio BR1921
  Dance Sneakers  
  Bloch Lightening Dance Sneaker - s0924   Bloch Boost DRT - s0538  
  Bloch Lightening Dance Sneaker
Bloch S0924
Bloch Wave
Bloch S0523
Bloch Boost DRT
Bloch S0538

2015 Classic Shoes So Danca

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