Over 40 years of supplying dancewear in Calgary
The Masque in Calgary carries Bunheads Accessories for Dance.
The Masque in Calgary carries Capezio Dance accessories.

Accessories - Bunheads

The Masque in Calgary carries Bunheads Accessories for Dance.
  Rock Rosin - bh409 Footsie Roller - bh500 Toe Tantra -bh1500  
  Rock Rosin
Capezio BH408
Footsie Roller
Capezio BH500
Toe Tantra
Capezio BH1500
  Toe Tape - bh370 Gel Knee Pads -bh1650 Pro Pad - bh1205  
  Toe Tape
Capezio BH370
Gel Knee Pads
Capezio BH1650
Pro Pad
Capezio BH1205
  Original Ouch Pad - bh005 Ouch Pouch colours - bh1055 Fluff's Lamb's Wool Toe Pads - bh405  
  Original Ouch Pad
Capezio BH005
Ouch Pouch multi-colours
Capezio BH1055
Fluff's Lamb's Wool Toe Pads
Capezio BH405
  Fluff's Lambs Wool Toe Pads - -bh405 Rainbow Lamb's Wool - bh401 Jelly Toes - bh1025  
  Spun Silver Lamb's Wool
Capezio BH400
Rainbow Lamb's Wool
Capezio BH401
Jelly Toes
Capezio BH1025
  Jelly Tips - bh1050 The Big Tip - bh1051 Bunion Buster - bh1125  
  Jelly Tips
Capezio BH41050
The Big Tip
Capezio BH1051
Bunion Buster
Capezio BH1125
  Strap Converter - bh368 Bunion Button - bh1440 Space Pack - bh1045  
  Strap Converter
Capezio BH368
Bunion Button
Capezio BH1440
Capezio BH1045
  Gel Heel Grips - bh1421 Gel Spots - bh1422 Gel Metatarsal Pads - bh1420  
  Gel Heel Grips
Capezio BH1421
Gel Spots
Capezio BH1422
Gel Metatarsal Pads
Capezio BH1420
  Stitch Kit - bh350 Packaged Rehersal Ribbon - bh311lpp Ribbon and Elastic Pack - bh315lpp  
  Stitch Kit
Capezio BH350
Packaged Rehersal Ribbon
Capezio BH311PP
Ribbon and Elastic Pack
Capezio BH315LPP
  Flexers - bh310pp Bolt Elastic - bh320lpp Jet Glue - bh250  
Capezio BH310PP
Bolt Elastic
Capezio BH320LPP
Jet Glue
Capezio BH250
  Excercise Bands - bh511 Bun Builder Jr. - bh483 Hair Nets - bh420  
  Exercise Bands
Capezio BH511
Bun Builder Jr.
Capezio BH483
Hair Nets
Capezio BH420
  Swirl Twirl - bh481   Hair Pins - bh434  
  Swirl Twirl
Capezio BH481
Hot Ice
Capezio BH802
Hair Pins
Capezio BH434
  Hair Elastics - bh416 Sticky Strips - bh365 Smoothies - bh367  
  Hair Elastics
Capezio BH416
Sticky Strips
Capezio BH365
Capezio BH367