Over 40 years of supplying costumes in Calgary

The Masque - Calgary's Best Halloween Costume Store

Rentals start at $25

Average Rentals range from $65 to $95

Premium Rentals range from $95 to $125

Specialty Rentals are priced individually

To qualify to rent you must be over 18 with valid ID and credit card

The Masque in Calgary has tons of accessories to complement your costume.

For fashion costumes we have jewellery, gloves, capes, cigarette holders and more. Our large selection of makeup ranges from water-based and grease makeup, prosthetics, blood, spirit gum and remover, latex, moustaches, beards, eyelashes, nails, coloured hair spray.

Accessorize your costume with everything you’ll need at the Masque.

Storybook Costumes

  Elsa - Frozen Vampire and Vampiress Men's Costume - Vampire  
  Elsa - Frozen Vampire & Vampiress Vampire  
  Mens Costume - Beetlejuice Men's Lepprechaun costume  
  Beetlejuice Leprechaun  
  Witch - Ladies Costume Witch ladies costume mens costume - Fred Flintstone  
  Wicked Witch of the West Witch Fred Flintstone  
  Mens Costume - Bugs Bunny Ladies Costume - Blue Dragon Elmo - Ladies Costume.  
  Bugs Bunny Dragon Elmo  
  Devil - Ladies Costume. Fairy - Ladies Costume Ladies Costume - Fairy2  
  Devil Fairy Fairy 2  
  Pirate - Mens Costume Pirate - Ladies Costume. Pirate - Ladies Costume.  
  Pirate Pirate Pirate 2  
  Ladies Costume pirate4 Pirate Girl 2 Pirate Wench  
  Pirate 4 Pirate Girl Pirate Wench  
  Lady Magician - Ladies Costume Mens Costume - Teddy Bear Cruella DeVille - Ladies Costume.  
  Magician Teddy Bear Cruella DeVille  
  King Neptune - Mens Costume King Neptune costume2 Ladies Costume - Snow White  
  King Neptune King Neptune 2 Snow White  
  Ladies Costumes - Mary Poppins Ladies Costumes - Princess Fiona (Shrek) Shrek - mens costume  
  Mary Poppins Princess Fiona
  Ladies Costume - Little Red Riding Hood Ladies Costume - Sorybook Queen Queen of Hearts - Ladies Costume.  
  Little Red Riding Hood Storybook Queen Queen of Hearts  
  Ladies Costume - My Fair Lady Merida - ladies costume Ladies Costume - Cowboy  
  My Fair Lady Merida Cowgirl  
  Little Bo Peep - Ladies Costume. Cinderella ladies costume 2  
  Little Bo Peep Cinderella  
  Alice in Wonderland ladies costume Ladies Costume - Angel Sherlock Holmes men's costume  
  Alice in Wonderland
(Mad Hatter also available)
Robin Hood
(Maid Marian also available)
Sherlock Holmes  
  Robin Hood - Mens Costume Cruella Daville ladies costume Little Bo Peep ladies costume  
  Robin Hood
(Maid Marian also available)
Cruella Little Bo Peep