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Rentals start at $25

Average Rentals range from $65 to $95

Premium Rentals range from $95 to $125

Specialty Rentals are priced individually

To qualify to rent you must be over 18 with valid ID and credit card

The Masque in Calgary has tons of accessories to complement your costume.

For fashion costumes we have jewellery, gloves, capes, cigarette holders and more. Our large selection of makeup ranges from water-based and grease makeup, prosthetics, blood, spirit gum and remover, latex, moustaches, beards, eyelashes, nails, coloured hair spray.

Accessorize your costume with everything you’ll need at the Masque.

Costume List

Costumes available at the Masque in Calgary that may not be featured on our website. You'll find the finest quality Halloween and Party Costume rentals in Calgary.

Unlike ordering costumes online you can be assured your costume will fit properly and you will be able to add to the costume with accessories or change it by creating your own costume with the costume themes listed below.

New Costumes in 2014

The costumes on this page represent only a portion of our extensive inventory

Steampunk woman, Steampunk man
Victorian vampire
Victorian vampiress
Penny Dreadful
Elsa (Frozen)
The Lone Ranger

Animal Costumes

ALF (Alien Life Form)
Bears – Panda, Black, Brown, Polar, Teddy
Bunnies, Cows, Chickens, Lambs, Horses, Bull
Chipmunks, Beaver, Moose, Raccoon, Owl
Dragon (7 feet long)
Gorillas, Baboons
My Pet Monster


The Masque carries a large selection of Burlesque Corsets, Skirts and Dresses.
The Masque carries one of the largest selections of Corsets and Burlesque Skirts and Dresses in Calgary.

Batman, Robin, (original and current)
Spiderman (original) Spiderman (black)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Zena - Warrior Princess
Old School Heroes: Zorro, Robin Hood


Al Capone, Charlie Chaplin
Angelina (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp)
Cleopatra, Anthony, Julius Caesar
Marie Antoinette, Henry the VIII
Napoleon & Josephine
Carmen Miranda
KISS – Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley
Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp)
Mario & Lougi
Michael Jackson – Thriller
Tina Turner
Top Gun – Maverick, Goose


Go to easy to put together Mens Costume page.
Do you know we have easy to put together costumes for men who hate to dress up
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Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter
White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts
Bert & Ernie
Cat in The Hat (adult size)
Cruella deVille & Dalmation
Dorothy, Tinman, Scarecrow, Lion, Wizard, Witch
Esmerelda Gypsy Queen
Little Red Riding Hood, Granny Wolf
Hansel & Gretel
Lion King
Harry Potter
Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse
Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird, Cookie Monster
Princess and Prince Charming
Raggedy Ann & Andy
Shrek & Fiona
Snow Queen
Snow White, Fairies, Wicked Queen
Cinderella, Ariel (Mermaid)
Sleeping Beauty (Aurora)


Lone Ranger Tonto Costume
Lone Ranger's Tonto available at the Masque in Calgary
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African Zulu Queen & Zulu Warrior
Arabian Nights – sheiks, harem girls
Cowboys & Indians
Cuban Dresses
Dutch Milk Maids
East Indian Bollywood
English wenches
French Can-can, & Bistro
German and Swiss Lederhosen, and dresses
Hawaiian - men and women
Irish Leprechaun
Italian Gondoliers
Japanese Samurai
Matadors, Spanish kings and queens
Mexican ponchos, serapes, peasant skirts
Roman & Grecian robes, togas
Scottish kilts, Oriental silks, Japanese geishas
Ukrainian women’s dress
Viking men and women, Hildegard
Western Duster (Cowboys & Aliens


The Masque carries a great selection of Wigs for costumes
We have a great selection of Wigs
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Army Camouflage, Assorted Military, Astronauts
Bowling Shirts, Baseball Uniforms, Bellhops
Convicts – black striped or orange jumpsuits
Doctor, Nurse
Mountie (red serge), Judge
Pit Crew
Retro Baseball Payer (Joe DiMaggio)
Sailor, Admiral
SWAT Team, CSI New York, CSI Las Vegas
Train Conductor, Train Engineer


We have an extensive selection (not Listed), please ask if you don't see what you're looking for on this page.
Court Jesters
Knights – multiple styles
Maid Marion, Robin Hood
Sheriff of Nottingham
Woodcutters, Men of the Forest

Religious Theme

Father Guido, Friar Tuck
Monks, Angels, Devils
Pope, Nun, Rabbi, Priest

Classic and Traditional Favorites

Period Costumes – please tell us what you need – we have too many to list!!
50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s
Clowns – several styles, please ask
Davey Crockett
Deluxe Kings and Queens
Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn
Amadeus & Lady Amadeus
Gangsters and Flappers
Heritage and Klondike
Mama Mia 70’s Jumpsuits & Shirts
Pimps and Hookers
Pirates – various styles
Southern Belles and Gentry
Star Trek!!! – Captain Kirk, Mr Spock
Star Wars
Suit of Armour
Vampires, Elvira, Death Robes


Santa, Mrs Claus, Elves, Santa’s Helpers,
Frosty the Snowman, Grinch
Toy Soldiers, Carollers

The finest quality Christmas Costume rentals in Calgary!!