Over 40 years of supplying costumes in Calgary

The Masque - Calgary's Best Halloween Costume Store

Rentals start at $25

Average Rentals range from $65 to $95

Premium Rentals range from $95 to $125

Specialty Rentals are priced individually

To qualify to rent you must be over 18 with valid ID and credit card

The Masque in Calgary has tons of accessories to complement your costume.

For fashion costumes we have jewellery, gloves, capes, cigarette holders and more. Our large selection of makeup ranges from water-based and grease makeup, prosthetics, blood, spirit gum and remover, latex, moustaches, beards, eyelashes, nails, coloured hair spray.

Accessorize your costume with everything you’ll need at the Masque.

Mens and Ladies Classical Costumes

  Men's Pirate Costume Men's Vampire Costume  
  Classic Period Costume Pirate Vampire  
  vampire and vampiress Classic costume Steampunk - men's costume  
  Vampire and Vampiress   Steampunk  
  Men's and Ladies Steampunk costume Men's and Ladies Steampunk3  
  Steampunk Men's & Ladies SteamPunk
(Mens and Ladies available)
  Mens Costume - Christian Crusader Costume LAdies - Queen Ladies Costume - Princess  
  Christian Crusader Queen Princess  
  Ladies Costume - Wench Amadeus - mens costume Ladies Costume - Lady Amadeus  
  Wench or Maid Amadeus Lady Amadeus  
  Ladies Costume - Queen and King costume available. Mozart - mens costume Josephine - Ladies Costume  
(King also available)
Mozart Josephine  
  Mens Costume - Ice Age Man Ladies Costume - Sundays Best Classic Diamond Jim Brady men's costume  
  Ice Age Man Sundays Best Classic Diamond Jim Brady  
  Ladies Costume - Classic 1700's Cavalier - mens costume Ladies Costume - 1700's Ballroom Gown (Red)  
  Classic 1700's Cavalier 1700's Ballroom Gown  
  Ladies Costume - 1700's Ballroom Gown Pocahontas - Ladies Costume. Mens Costume - Cowboy  
  1700's Ballroom Gown Pocahontas Cowboy  
  Adventurer - Ladies Costume. Mens Costume - Cowboy2 Mens Costume - Native Warrior.  
  Adventurer Cowboy 2 Native Warrior  
  Ladies Costume - Lady Balloonist Mens Costume - Steampunk Ladies Costume - Classic steampunk (men's also available)  
  Steampunk Ladies Steampunk SteamPunk
(Mens and Ladies available)
  Steampunk - Ladies Costume. Steampunk Steampunk 2 - ladies costume  
  Ladies Steampunk 2 Steampunk Steampunk 3  
  Steampunk 3 - ladies costume Burlesque Ladies Costume - Klondike  
  Steampunk 4 Burlesque Klondike Girl  
  Ladies Costume Saloon Girl Ladies Costume - Saloon Entertainer Confederate Ball Gown - Ladies Costume  
  Saloon Girl Saloon Entertainer Confederate Ball Gown
(Men's costume also available)
  Ladies Costume - Southern Belle (brown) Ladies Costume - Sunday's Best Sherlock Holmes men's costume  
  Southern Belle 2 Country Sunday Best Sherlock Holmes  
  Mens Costume - Ninja Cleopatra (gold) - Ladies Costume Ladies Costume - Egyptian  
  Ninja Cleopatra Egyptian