Over 40 years of supplying costumes in Calgary

The Masque - Calgary's Best Christmas Costume Store

Rentals start at $25

Average Rentals range from $65 to $95

Premium Rentals range from $95 to $125

Specialty Rentals are priced individually

To qualify to rent you must be over 18 with valid ID and credit card

Costumes for Christmas

Rent your Santa suit and get your Elf costume for half price

  Santa - Mens Costume Ladies Costume - Hot Mrs Claus Saint Nicholaus - Mens Costume  
  Santa Santa's Helper Saint Nicholas  
  Christmas Caroller ladies costume Ladies Costume - Christmas Caroler Ladies Costume - christmas elf  
  Christmas Caroller Christmas Caroler Christmas Elf  
  Ladies Costume - Christmas Elf Costume - Frosty the Snowman Ladies Costume - Christmas Angel  
  Christmas Elf2 Frosty the Snowman Christmas Angel  
  Costume - Christmas Mouse Mrs. Claus Ms. Claus ladies costume  
  Christmas Mouse Mrs. Claus Mrs. Claus2  
  Costume - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Ladies Costume - Snow Queen Ladies Costume - Snow Queen2  
  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Snow Queen Snow Queen2  
  Santa Claus  
  Christmas Costumes